Sunday, June 09, 2013

Plentycast June 2013 (Part 2)

Well, it goes before saying that a part 2 will follow a part 1 and following on from yesterday's post here it is, the second set of songs that the 3 of us picked and had a chat about round at Brian's flat.

There's no need for a long introduction so let's get right round to it...

Plentycast June 2013 (Part 2) by Plentyside on Mixcloud

Plentycast June 2013 (Part 2) Direct Download

Tracklisting -

1. Superchunk - FOH
2. Dead Moon - A Fix On You
3. Hammerhead - Anvil
4. The Pastels - Night Time Made Us
5. Sandy Dirt - Ship To Shore
6. Pussy Galore - Dick Johnson
7. Stretch Heads - Groin Death
8. Metz - Sad Pricks
9. Floor - Downed Star
10. Fucked Up - Crooked Head

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Plentycast - June 2013 (Part 1)

And so we go out on tour for the first of 2 podcasts recorded over some beers and Jaffa Cakes in the living room of our pal Brian McK.

We arrived in Glasgow to find a beautiful, sunny day and as we trooped up to Brian's flat from the train station the leafy streets of the west end were showing the area at its best. So, what makes more sense than sitting inside and listening to some music and talking about it?

We had picked 20 songs so they were split into two parts so as to avoid an epic listen for the legions of people who tune in every month. Don't say we're not good to you...

Thanks to Brian for hosting us and for helping choose the songs we're about to play for you. Click on Jocky's face to take you there...

Plentycast June 2013 (Part 1) by Plentyside on Mixcloud

Plentycast June 2013 (Part 1) Direct Download

Tracklisting -

1. Sonic Youth - Death Valley '69
2. Come - Fast Piss Blues
3. Scrawl - Blue Green Sea
4. John and Beverley Martyn - Stormbringer!
5. Some Velvet Sidewalk - Boardwalkin'
6. Rote Kapelle - Marathon Man
7. The Breeders - Shocker In Gloomtown
8. The Fall - Industrial Estate
9. Unwound - Everything Is Weird
10. Swans - Jim

Friday, May 24, 2013

Plentycast - May 2013

I never know what to write during these introductions and today is no different. How many times can you say here's some songs by some bands with some inane chat in between them?

Anyway, welcome to May's podcast and remarkably enough it is taking place in May. So, what do you need to know this month? There is a high biscuit quotient. John regales us with some Gaelic. I have a new chair. It's all pretty riveting stuff. However, and as per usual, the music is the star of the show and we've got some pretty great songs for you this month. Some old, some new, one not even released yet. It'll never last...

On we go then...

Plentycast May 2013 by Plentyside on Mixcloud

Plentycast May 2013 Direct Download

Tracklisting -

1. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Love And Only Love
2. Book Group - Year Of The Cat
3. Overseas - Down Below
4. Fugazi - Song #1
5. Nick Drake - Saturday Sun
6. Idaho - One Sunday
7. My Bloody Valentine - Don't Cramp My Style
8. Rob St John - Charcoal Black And The Bonny Grey
9. Cows - Cabin Man
10. Survival Knife - Name That Tune
11. Husker Du - In A Free Land
12. Slayer - Raining Blood

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Plentycast - April 2013

Well, after a period of inactivity comes a period of activity I guess. We're now all caught up and are actually recording and releasing the April podcast in April! Riches indeed...

I will say however that the aforementioned period of activity does bring its pressures in having to think about having enough tracks to play within a short time frame of each other so I don't know how those weekly podcasters do it! Maybe I should just go and buy more records or something but I fear that I will continue to be distracted by sporting events on the TV and the like so don't spend enough time listening to newer music. And this coming the week after Record Store Day as well... Mind you, it's "shop" and not "store" but that's a whole other story...

Anyway, on you go -

Plentycast April 2013 Direct Download

Tracklisting -

1. Mudhoney - Douchebags On Parade
2. eagleowl - not over
3. Fred Neil - Little Bit Of Rain
4. Matching Mole - God Song
5. The Evens - Wanted Criminals
6. Cold Water Flat - King Of The Underground
7. Bailterspace - Strobosphere
8. Survival Knife - Traces Of Me
9. Pink Floyd - Vegetable Man
10. Stapleton - Shoulder Length Summer
11. Country Joe & The Fish - Section
12. Superchunk - In Between Days

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Plentycast - March 2013

Well, we're trying our best to catch up as best we can so here's the March podcast. In April...

This was recorded right after we finished the February podcast (in April) and contains the usual mix of guid tunes and inane chat. Alas, as you'll hear, we have to remember too many good people that are no longer with us - I know it seems trite to play these songs at this time but we do so out of love and respect to the music that they have given us and I hope it's appropriate to do so by appreciating the music that they've created.

Since we recorded the podcast, the news has broken that Chi Cheng, the former bass player of Deftones who'd been in a coma and then a partially conscious state since a horrific car crash a few years ago, has also passed away. We played a more recent Deftones song on this podcast but would like to remember his playing on earlier recordings. RIP Chi, our thoughts are with your family and friends.

Plentycast March 2013 Direct Download

Tracklisting -

1. The Pastels - Check My Heart
2. Juno - The Great Salt Lake
3. United Fruit - Confuse Her Now
4. Gram Parsons - Brass Buttons
5. The Flying Burrito Brothers - Hot Burrito #2
6. Big Brother & The Holding Company - Women Is Losers
7. Dr Feelgood - Roxette
8. Jacob's Mouse - Caphony
9. Deftones - Graphic Nature
10. Iron Maiden - Gangland
11. Songs: Ohia - Lioness