Saturday, April 14, 2012

Plentycast #35 - The Lo-Fi Bri Cast

And so my birthday weekend starts in earnest with another of our guest casts. Joining us at PS Towers is our pal Brian McKinnon from Glasgow who did a grand job in picking the songs for your enjoyment. We've been trying to limit recent casts to 90 minutes or so but we made an exception for Brian - I hope you can find 127 minutes to listen to some fine, fine tunes.

You'll see we sprung a surprise on John and added a Sawyer song to the mix. I always thought Brian had heard them but it turns out he hadn't! It's only a minute and a half long but what a minute and a half it is. I think we may do another cast with Brian again, probably this time through in Glasgow so what you are about to listen to is the "home leg". I fear we may need to up our game as Brian may have nicked an away goal to take into the second leg. We'll let you know when that takes place, soon hopefully!

Well, on you go...

Plentycast #35 Direct Download

Tracklisting -

1. Husker Du - Eight Miles High
2. Golden Grrrls - Date It
3. Grass Widow - Celebrate The Mundane
4. Sawyer - He Gave What He Could
5. Jim Shepard - Untitled No.2
6. Alastair Galbraith - Milky Milo Man
7. Muscles Of Joy - Room Of Our Own
8. Two Wings - Love's Spring
9. Alistair Hulett - The Fair Flower Of Northumberland
10. Alasdair Roberts - Babylon
11. Gastr Del Sol - Thos. Dudley Ah! Old Must Dye
12. The Clean - Fish
13. Twerps - Don't Be Surprised
14. Butterglory - Your Nose My Head
15. Guided By Voices - Donut For A Snowman
16. Silkworm - Never Met A Man I Don't Like
17. Superchunk - Baxter
18. Jad Fair - Shoes