Thursday, December 23, 2010

Plentycast #10 - Trailer

Hello. Just to say that Plentycast #10 will probably be ready to go in the first couple of days in January. It'll be a very special edition featuring the star of #9 John Mackie - as it's John's 40th birthday on January 1, I've asked him to put together a playlist of tracks and we'll sit down and listen to them (while demolishing the ever increasing amount of rum accumulating in my kitchen cupboard) and have a chat about them. John's initial playlist came to 16 tracks as, understandably, asking a music fan to whittle down their favourite songs is quite difficult.

So, today I took an executive decision. PC#10 will be a two-part special. I've asked John to pick 4 more songs to take it up to a round 20 and I'll split the recording into two as it'll no doubt end up as a bit of an epic. It's fair to say that I'm looking forward to doing this more than any other podcast I've done, I've had a look at the playlist and it's blinding. You might think this is a bit of a nostalgia-fest, but someone's favourite songs are their favourite songs no matter if they're from 1974 or from last week.

Hope folk can tune into this!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Plentycast #9

aka The ATP-cast.

A day earlier than usual due to another weekend of weather-related football inactivity and featuring special guest (and occasional contributor to the blog of old) John Mackie. Both myself and John were down at the Godspeed You! Black Emperor curated ATP in Minehead last weekend and I thought it would be good to sit down and have a chat about the weekend as a whole and play a few songs by some of the main protagonists. The ATP chat is bookended by a new track from Laeto (and a warm welcome back to them) and last year's Withered Hand Christmas song. This is the last podcast of the year so even though Christmas doesn't mean a whole lot to me Dan has produced a quite lovely song.

Click on Jocky to take you there. Bear in mind it is nearly 2 hours long as well!

See you in 2011!

Tracklisting -

1. Laeto - Mssr Mountain
2. Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl
3. White Magic - Sun Song
4. Flower/Corsano Duo - I, Brute Force
5. Bardo Pond - Don't Know About You
6. Hangedup - Klang Klang
7. The Ex - Tree Float
8. Marissa Nadler - Ghosts And Lovers
9. Neurosis - Water Is Not Enough
10. Wolves In The Throne Room - Vastness And Sorrow
11. Withered Hand - It's A Wonderful Lie

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Plentycast #8

Brr... bit nippy out isn't it? Luckily, this podcast is brought to you by two of the finest words in this situation - "central" and "heating". I did take up my own advice at the start of the show and turned the heating up and got a nice cup of tea (no cat to curl up with on the sofa alas, not now that Simba's moved away (he was a neighbour's cat who used to frequent the stair and subsequently my flat!)) I really should get a cat of my own one of these days...

So yes, I've survived a three gig week, something that would have been impossible while I was racking up 100+ hours of flexi-time in my last job (I was so tired that I would have been lucky to make three gigs in a month!) so I have to say that it's been something of a success. There's another podcast folly of a repeat artist 2 shows in a row, but The National are worth it and I've got a wee bit to say about their spellbinding show in Glasgow a couple of days ago.

The next show should have a Godspeed You Black Emperor ATP theme, for that's where you'll find me next weekend. I'll hopefully draft in some special guests to have a chat about the weekend and maybe do a wee round up at the end of each day. We'll work out who's Charles Colvile and who's Bob Willis and "Harmy" later on...

Jocky sez "click me"...

Tracklisting -

1. Lightning Bolt - Sound Guardians
2. Soundgarden - Hands All Over
3. Nirvana - About A Girl
4. The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio
5. Eska - Running On Sum Six Dew
6. The Evens - Cut From The Cloth
7. Built To Spill - Carry The Zero
8. Chris Brokaw And Geoff Farina - The Angel's Message To Me
9. Daniel, Fred And Julie - Runner
10. eagleowl - No Conjunction
11. Part Chimp - B1

Monday, November 15, 2010


...that's 7 podcasts out the way and I enjoy doing them but I never know who's out there listening to them. If you are out there and are tuning in then do say hello and let me know what you think.

I realise that I am not the most tech-savvy person in the world so the jumps between songs and in-between song chat doesn't sound great so until I get a bit more confident with the technology then that might not change overnight. However, the music is the most important aspect of these podcasts, my chat is pretty inconsequential in comparison so any feedback (outwith the usual commenters) would be appreciated.

I'd like to think that there's more than 2 people a fortnight listening so it would be good to hear from folk. I don't want to stop doing this because of lack of interest but it could come into consideration in the future.



Sunday, November 14, 2010

Plentycast #7

I think there's an epic theme running through this week's show. My own little nod to the Rovers' epic comeback against the Scum yesterday afternoon, so there's some bombast in there to go with the thousands of us who left East End Park after the game with our chests puffed out, feeling that the 2-2 draw we just witnessed was more like a win. As they're fond of saying somewhere else, there's no quit in this Rovers team.

So yes, some epics, the usual nugget or two to get us going and some new (well, new-ish) tunes mixed in between. As I say in the show, I think I've set myself the impossible task of going to 4 gigs in 5 days the week after next so if the next podcast doesn't appear on time then it's because I've spent the following weekend in my bed. I can hear my younger self pshawing away as I type this but I grow old, I grow old, I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled... As somebody once said...

Click on Jocky to take you there.

Tracklisting -

1. Kyuss - Thumb
2. Pedro The Lion - Magazine
3. The Scottish Enlightenment - Little Sleep
4. Adrian Crowley - Liberty Stream
5. Marnie Stern - Gimme
6. Torche - Face The Wall
7. Yusuf Azak - Eastern Sun
8. James Orr Complex - Antibodies
9. The Kays Lavelle - Ten Times
10. Eleventh Dream Day - Stalled Parade
11. The National - Apartment Story

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Plentycast #6

Okay, okay so I'm a wee bit late with this podcast. Apologies to all the listeners out there in podcast land. Both of you...

Anyway, it's still ended up a good 'un despite being three days overdue. As I say in the show, I was "away from my desk" all of Sunday at the Fence Halloween gig and then "otherwise engaged" in front of the telly watching the World Series on Monday and Tuesday night (well done to the Giants btw. Anyone that makes Bush jr unhappy is OK by me!) So, there's a wee bit of a nod to Fence, including a King Creosote song that you wouldn't have heard unless you were at one of his "My Nth Bit Of Strange" shows, which is good (and thanks to KC for letting me play it). There appears to be a bit more chat, maybe recording and uploading on a Wednesday is more conducive to chat. Bit of an odd one though as I had a full day at work and am not usually in the mood for chat after that!

As usual, let Jocky be your guide...

Tracklisting -

1. Hey Mercedes - Our Weekend Starts On Wednesday
2. Nada Surf - Hyperspace
3. King Creosote - There's No Escape
4. James Yorkston & The Athletes - Shipwreckers
5. Emily Scott - All That Glitters
6. Low - Venus
7. I Build Collapsible Mountains - And The City Sleeps
8. The Pictish Trail - I Don't Know Where To Begin
9. Codeine - Loss Leader
10. Rites Of Spring - Spring
11. Yo La Tengo - More Stars Than There Are In Heaven

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Plentycast #5

I usually end up recording and posting these things on a Sunday morning so they're up on the site by early afternoon but this morning was taken up by watching the overnight recording of game 1 of the NLCS between the Phillies and the Giants. As a Red Sox fan, and without my team in this year's MLB postseason, I find myself in the usual position of "anyone but the Yankees" so thankfully Texas have squared their series against the Empire at 1-1. I don't mind which of the other 3 teams left win, just not them...

So, that's my life at the moment. Day after day of baseball. October baseball, the best. What's this got to do with the latest podcast? Fuck all really, but I thought I'd set some background as to what I've been up to recently. Again, it's the usual schtick. Couple of new tunes, few old tunes and a couple of demo versions of (as yet) unreleased tunes thanks to the wonders of t'interweb. It does have some uses after all. On you go then -

Tracklisting -

1. Slayer - World Painted Blood
2. Male Bonding - Year's Not Long
3. Meursault - New Ruin
4. Rockets Revenge - Purest Thing
5. Versus - Invincible Hero
6. Scarce - Southern Highway
7. Joeyfat - Gin Rummy For Beginners
8. Throwing Muses - Freesia
9. The Scottish Enlightenment - Pascal
10. Drive Like Jehu - Bullet Train To Vegas
11. Men Diamler - Footprints In The Snow
12. Small Town Boredom - World's Most Unwanted

Links -

Scarce -!/pages/Scarce/6654261707?v=app_2405167945

Men Diamler -

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Plentycast #4

You join us with your humble correspondent not in the best of health. It's been a week of man flu and as such a couple of coughs have made it into the show this time around. I blame the government...

Anyway, some louder moments on the podcast this time around. I think I was still a bit pissed off by the Rovers' performance the day before so threw in some truculence at the last minute. I think too that I'm allowed to play a Joanna Newsom track in 2 podcasts in a row - it may be a faux pas of the highest order but the reasoning behind it is pretty clear. So, in the words of the late Ron Pickering, away you go -

Tracklisting -

1. The Lapse - Buffet
2. Hot Snakes - Plenty For All
3. Smog - Vessel In Vain
4. Chris Brokaw - I Remember
5. Karate - It's 98 Stop
6. Engine Down - Second Of February
7. RM Hubbert - Hey There Mr Bone
8. Mount Eerie - Wind's Dark Poem
9. Fucked Up - Black Hats
10. Converge - Wishing Well
11. Joanna Newsom - '81
12. Black Sabbath - Fairies Wear Boots

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Plentycast #3

The first draft of the playlist had a distinct lack of newer tunes this time around and I guess the second draft does as well but hell, it's all good... However, two tracks from the just released, and frankly magnificent, Superchunk LP will go a little way to ensuring that it's not just a whole load of old skool beats. Not that there's anything wrong with that... I also hummed and hawed about putting that particular Newsom track in, what with it being 8 and a half minutes long. But what an 8 and a half minutes it is so in it goes.

Anyway, you can get on with listening to it here -

Tracklisting -

1. Buffalo Tom - Summer
2. Superchunk - Crossed Wires
3. Braid - A Dozen Roses
4. Cold Seeds - Bubble
5. The Thermals - Only For You
6. Penthouse - A Deviant Soiree
7. My Kappa Roots - Fleeting Like Etain
8. Lords - Good Dog Bad Dog
9. Silver Jews - Trains Across The Sea
10. Sonic Youth - Death Valley '69
11. Joanna Newsom - In California
12. Superchunk - Everything At Once

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Plentycast #2

The second podcast then, featuring a couple of newer songs and a fair smattering of older ones too. It's funny listening back to yourself after the fact - at the moment, I'm recording the links on my MP3 player and cutting and pasting it all into Audacity, a little nod to my fanzine past I guess. I'm not that fussed about how professional it sounds (when clearly it doesn't!) but maybe one of these days I'll make it sound at least half-decent!

I'll try and do one of these every fortnight from now on, once a week from me is probably overkill and once a month a wee bit too little so somewhere in between in is that happy medium. They'll usually appear every second Sunday, the only reason this is appearing on a Saturday is because I'm not at the football today as there's no league fixtures because of the international weekend so I've got more time today than usual. So yeah, every second Sunday from now on.

One thing that was remiss of me was not thanking Iain H in the podcast for sending me the Sawyer MP3 so thanks to Iain for doing so as it was a great help. Here it is then -


1. Bob Tilton - September
2. Sawyer - Frankie & Madelaine
3. Babes In Toyland - He's My Thing
4. American Football - Never Meant
5. Love.Stop.Repeat - Storm Song
6. The Corin Tucker Band - Doubt
7. Sleater-Kinney - I'm Not Waiting
8. Withered Hand - Love In The Time Of Ecstasy
9. The Wee Rogue - I Cross My Heart
10. Julie Doiron - Consolation Prize*
11. Alasdair Roberts - The Burning Of Auchindoun
12. Nalle - Wilder Shores Of Love

*as you'll hear, I forgot the title of the LP this is from. Oops. It's from "I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day." Obviously...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Plentycast #1

So, I decided to put together a podcast. Unfortunately, it contains my speaking voice in between the songs but you can wisely try and ignore that and we'll all get along fine. I know, there are gaps and jumps and that, I'll try and iron that out for the ones to come. It is the first one after all and I'm just getting my head around Audacity!

Hopefully, this will be the first in a series of podcasts. I'll try and include different things in future ones, interviews and the like and maybe it'll force me to play some newer songs as this has a bit of a 90s bias! Anyway, you can listen to it below using the magic of technology -


1. Leatherface - Not Superstitious
2. Calvin Johnson - What Was Me
3. The Halo Benders - Don't Touch My Bikini
4. eagleowl - Sleep The Winter
5. Conquering Animal Sound - Wild Things
6. Rob St John - Domino (live)
7. Ligament - Hawg Jawz
8. Nina Nastasia - Cry, Cry Baby
9. Godflesh - Spite
10. Versus - The Ones And Threes

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello. Is It Me You're Looking For?

It's been a while.

New content coming soon.