Monday, November 17, 2008

Live - The New Year / Chris Brokaw

The New Year / Chris Brokaw
Nice & Sleazy, Glasgow

Words and Photos: Chris Hynd

I had intended to review this gig a bit more fully, but sometimes it's good to go and watch a band and enjoy the show without having to worry about reviewing it. Both sets were great though, it was good to see Chris Brokaw in solo mode again (playing, as wryly noted later on by Matt Kadane, "acoustic death metal"!), his set was mostly instrumental, quite big and angular sounding and quite brilliant. The New Year were just tremendous, they're a band I've loved for a while now, obviously Matt and Bubba Kadane have the Bedhead credentials of yore but their sound (triple axe attack!) was perfectly formed, the 3 guitar set-up worked a treat, layering all the different parts to the song and making it come together beautifully. And they played "Gasoline", and that was OK by me.

Here's a few pics from the night to illustrate -

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