Friday, October 14, 2011

Plentycast #27

Ah, the perils of technology listeners...

We first tried to record this on Monday night (the 10th) but we had a total 'mare with the mic so all the vocal bits sounded like the production of Carcass's Reek Of Putrefaction LP (i.e. not good). That meant a re-record as I didn't want to put something out that sounded pretty bad so we come to tonight instead. The mic issue was resolved, we used a new bit of software that meant we could record it totally live (instead of in a cut & paste stylee as before) so that cut down a lot on editing and post-production so here we are publishing the podcast on the same night it was recorded! Riches indeed...

Including FIVE songs from 2011! A feat that may never be repeated in all likelihood! Unprecedented scenes at PS Towers this evening. Jocky got so excited that he nearly left his council flat in Smeaton to have a game of arrows. Nearly...

On you go...

Tracklisting -

1. Done Lying Down - Just A Misdemeanor
2. Nirvana - Aneurysm
3. Bert Jansch - It Don't Bother Me
4. Yo La Tengo - Needle Of Death
5. R.E.M. - Country Feedback
6. Wild Flag - Racehorse
7. Fotheringay - The Sea
8. Emily Scott - I Saw You
9. Oxes - Crunchy Zest
10. The Jesus Lizard - Nub
11. Helms Alee - Pretty As Pie
12. Wolves In The Throne Room - Subterranean Initiation

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