Friday, May 24, 2013

Plentycast - May 2013

I never know what to write during these introductions and today is no different. How many times can you say here's some songs by some bands with some inane chat in between them?

Anyway, welcome to May's podcast and remarkably enough it is taking place in May. So, what do you need to know this month? There is a high biscuit quotient. John regales us with some Gaelic. I have a new chair. It's all pretty riveting stuff. However, and as per usual, the music is the star of the show and we've got some pretty great songs for you this month. Some old, some new, one not even released yet. It'll never last...

On we go then...

Plentycast May 2013 by Plentyside on Mixcloud

Plentycast May 2013 Direct Download

Tracklisting -

1. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Love And Only Love
2. Book Group - Year Of The Cat
3. Overseas - Down Below
4. Fugazi - Song #1
5. Nick Drake - Saturday Sun
6. Idaho - One Sunday
7. My Bloody Valentine - Don't Cramp My Style
8. Rob St John - Charcoal Black And The Bonny Grey
9. Cows - Cabin Man
10. Survival Knife - Name That Tune
11. Husker Du - In A Free Land
12. Slayer - Raining Blood

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