Sunday, September 19, 2010

Plentycast #3

The first draft of the playlist had a distinct lack of newer tunes this time around and I guess the second draft does as well but hell, it's all good... However, two tracks from the just released, and frankly magnificent, Superchunk LP will go a little way to ensuring that it's not just a whole load of old skool beats. Not that there's anything wrong with that... I also hummed and hawed about putting that particular Newsom track in, what with it being 8 and a half minutes long. But what an 8 and a half minutes it is so in it goes.

Anyway, you can get on with listening to it here -

Tracklisting -

1. Buffalo Tom - Summer
2. Superchunk - Crossed Wires
3. Braid - A Dozen Roses
4. Cold Seeds - Bubble
5. The Thermals - Only For You
6. Penthouse - A Deviant Soiree
7. My Kappa Roots - Fleeting Like Etain
8. Lords - Good Dog Bad Dog
9. Silver Jews - Trains Across The Sea
10. Sonic Youth - Death Valley '69
11. Joanna Newsom - In California
12. Superchunk - Everything At Once

1 comment:

I Cried A Bit But Not For Long said...

Another fine fine listen C. Some particularly thrilling records on the show this week...gies some mair!...word indeed...