Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Plentycast #16

When we were putting together the playlist for this particular show one thing did stand out - there were a good few long songs on there. So, we added some more and decided to split the show into two (just to get round the 100mb upload limit). As it turns out, there was some epic chat moments and we've ended up with two 70+ minute shows! Hey ho...

There's also a bit towards the end of part one where John talks about his time in Sawyer, which I had hoped to do at some point in proceedings so I hope you find that interesting. Further to that, this is probably the only place where you're likely to hear Wishbone Ash, The Feminine Complex and Fucked Up within the same hour of music. Whether that leads to the listenership reaching double figures is another matter though...

On you go...

Part 1 Tracklisting -

1. Labradford - S
2. Josh T Pearson - Country Dumb
3. RM Hubbert - TipsyTapsy
4. Engine 88 - Fragment
5. Karp - Forget The Minions
6. Throwing Muses - Lazy Eye
7. Thin Lizzy - The Rocker
8. Sawyer - 20etc (Original)
9. Sawyer - The Counties

Part 2 Tracklisting -

1. Pisces - Sam
2. Fucked Up - The Other Shoe
3. Jandek - Nancy Sings
4. The One Ensemble Of Daniel Padden - Shambles
5. The Feminine Complex - Six O'Clock In The Morning
6. Low - Especially Me
7. Wishbone Ash - The King Will Come
8. In Decades Decline - Duneideann
9. Slint - Good Morning, Captain

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John said...

Some serious quality in there, as for Pisces 1968???, could have come from the last decade easily.