Thursday, May 19, 2011

Plentycast #19

And we're back...

Aye, we had a wee bit of a "spring break" so that explains the short gap in transmissions, there were a few reasons in play but sometimes it's good to step back a bit and come back refreshed. As we did. With caramel logs...

So, it's the usual script. Myself and John play some songs that we like and then we talk about them. There was a few "events" that had taken place in between the last show and this so those proved good talking points - we cover the likes of ATP, the Fence Records Homegame and John's trip to see Rush in Glasgow. It's 1 hour 41 minutes this time around so best put the kettle on. And repeat...

Jocky knows what you should do...

Tracklisting -

1. Julie Doiron - The Wrong Guy
2. Animal Collective - My Girls
3. Rush - Beneath, Between & Behind
4. The United States Of America - Cloud Song
5. Jack Rose - Hart Crane's Old Boyfriends
6. A.C. Temple - Come Sunrise
7. Low - Majesty/Magic
8. James Yorkston - I Awoke
9. The Replacements - Color Me Impressed
10. Stapleton - International Departures
11. The Scottish Enlightenment - The First Will Be Last
12. Polvo - Taste Of Your Mind
13. Tsunami - Water's Edge
14. Fugazi - Smallpox Champion

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