Saturday, August 20, 2011

Plentycast #25

And so we reach a quarter century! Riches indeed.

We celebrate it by swearing a lot. You can take the boys out of Fife etc... So yes, podcast #25 features some words that you may find objectionable but it also contains some songs that you may find quite palatable. I hope it's obvious that it's the music which is the star of these podcasts, we try and put together playlists that flow quite nicely and feature songs that are complementary - you just have to put up with us two talking pish in between them!

So, listen on for hipsters and Eska, choruses that end too soon, Ian Svenonius and Kevin Rowland and the curious tale of John Stanier's trousers...

Away you go!

Tracklisting -

1. The Flaming Lips - Watching The Planets
2. Eska - Aristotle
3. The Grifters - She Blows Blasts Of Static
4. Loop - Afterglow
5. Madness - One Better Day
6. Shudder To Think - X-French Tee Shirt
7. Sea Birds - Clipper Ships
8. Shelagh McDonald - Stargazer
9. Nation of Ulysses - Diptheria
10. The New Year - Gasoline
11. Lady North - It's All About Gettin' That Claude Monet

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