Sunday, November 14, 2010

Plentycast #7

I think there's an epic theme running through this week's show. My own little nod to the Rovers' epic comeback against the Scum yesterday afternoon, so there's some bombast in there to go with the thousands of us who left East End Park after the game with our chests puffed out, feeling that the 2-2 draw we just witnessed was more like a win. As they're fond of saying somewhere else, there's no quit in this Rovers team.

So yes, some epics, the usual nugget or two to get us going and some new (well, new-ish) tunes mixed in between. As I say in the show, I think I've set myself the impossible task of going to 4 gigs in 5 days the week after next so if the next podcast doesn't appear on time then it's because I've spent the following weekend in my bed. I can hear my younger self pshawing away as I type this but I grow old, I grow old, I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled... As somebody once said...

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Tracklisting -

1. Kyuss - Thumb
2. Pedro The Lion - Magazine
3. The Scottish Enlightenment - Little Sleep
4. Adrian Crowley - Liberty Stream
5. Marnie Stern - Gimme
6. Torche - Face The Wall
7. Yusuf Azak - Eastern Sun
8. James Orr Complex - Antibodies
9. The Kays Lavelle - Ten Times
10. Eleventh Dream Day - Stalled Parade
11. The National - Apartment Story

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I Cried A Bit But Not For Long said...

Another great wee sesh o' tunes and musings. I've always liked that combo a great deal. Whenever I hear 'Antibodies' or 'Magazine' for that matter I feel "free, really free". Quite. The 2 or 3 times I've heard Marnie Stern, it causes me such confusion. I mean how can an indie person be called 'Marnie Stern' and not look like a rosy cheeked middle class folky chanteuse in the Hampton Court mould? It's all very confusing to me. Keep on keeping on, C. Word.