Sunday, November 28, 2010

Plentycast #8

Brr... bit nippy out isn't it? Luckily, this podcast is brought to you by two of the finest words in this situation - "central" and "heating". I did take up my own advice at the start of the show and turned the heating up and got a nice cup of tea (no cat to curl up with on the sofa alas, not now that Simba's moved away (he was a neighbour's cat who used to frequent the stair and subsequently my flat!)) I really should get a cat of my own one of these days...

So yes, I've survived a three gig week, something that would have been impossible while I was racking up 100+ hours of flexi-time in my last job (I was so tired that I would have been lucky to make three gigs in a month!) so I have to say that it's been something of a success. There's another podcast folly of a repeat artist 2 shows in a row, but The National are worth it and I've got a wee bit to say about their spellbinding show in Glasgow a couple of days ago.

The next show should have a Godspeed You Black Emperor ATP theme, for that's where you'll find me next weekend. I'll hopefully draft in some special guests to have a chat about the weekend and maybe do a wee round up at the end of each day. We'll work out who's Charles Colvile and who's Bob Willis and "Harmy" later on...

Jocky sez "click me"...

Tracklisting -

1. Lightning Bolt - Sound Guardians
2. Soundgarden - Hands All Over
3. Nirvana - About A Girl
4. The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio
5. Eska - Running On Sum Six Dew
6. The Evens - Cut From The Cloth
7. Built To Spill - Carry The Zero
8. Chris Brokaw And Geoff Farina - The Angel's Message To Me
9. Daniel, Fred And Julie - Runner
10. eagleowl - No Conjunction
11. Part Chimp - B1


I Cried A Bit But Not For Long said...

Another fine mix C. It was oddly thrilling to hear 'About A Girl' once again. That surge of guitar in the middle is hugely satisfying. Also thought your comments on Eska were 'vert to the max'. That's a magic song that. Am also looking forward to the ATP special. Maybe we should do guerrilla style interviews with Yomul Yuk/ The Berg Sans Nipple??! Might I suggest that you look to bolster the numbers of listeners by playing nowt but Of Montreal/ Patrick Wolf/ anything of that 'am dram' shite??? Millions of 'Indie' fans can be wrong and often are...word...

John said...

Just catching up with these while in a quiet spell in the madhouse, once again smashing.
A few gems in there I'd never heard in there too.