Thursday, December 23, 2010

Plentycast #10 - Trailer

Hello. Just to say that Plentycast #10 will probably be ready to go in the first couple of days in January. It'll be a very special edition featuring the star of #9 John Mackie - as it's John's 40th birthday on January 1, I've asked him to put together a playlist of tracks and we'll sit down and listen to them (while demolishing the ever increasing amount of rum accumulating in my kitchen cupboard) and have a chat about them. John's initial playlist came to 16 tracks as, understandably, asking a music fan to whittle down their favourite songs is quite difficult.

So, today I took an executive decision. PC#10 will be a two-part special. I've asked John to pick 4 more songs to take it up to a round 20 and I'll split the recording into two as it'll no doubt end up as a bit of an epic. It's fair to say that I'm looking forward to doing this more than any other podcast I've done, I've had a look at the playlist and it's blinding. You might think this is a bit of a nostalgia-fest, but someone's favourite songs are their favourite songs no matter if they're from 1974 or from last week.

Hope folk can tune into this!

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