Sunday, January 02, 2011

Plentycast #10 - The Jockcast

Happy new year folks, I hope it's going well for you all. I have to say it's going splendidly for me - I was down in London over New Year at the Sonic Youth gig at Hammersmith and it's fair to say that they are comfortably ahead in the gig of 2011 stakes! (they came onstage just before midnight, Thurston did a countdown to midnight and then started playing after all the streamers came down to signify the new year). Today saw the mighty Rovers prevail against the dark side from the west of Fife, it can only be described as pandemonium in the South Stand as Tade's winner went in! And as I type, Gary Anderson is just into the World Darts final. 'Mon Gary, one more game to go!

Anyway, I digress. PC #10 is a very special edition. If you listened to #9, you will have heard the contributions from John Mackie. Yesterday (January 1) was John's 40th birthday so I invited him to pick a few of his favourite songs and have a chat about them. So, a few became 16 and 16 became 20 and 20 became 24 so this has been split into two parts to accomodate all the good music and good chat. And I hope you think it's good music and good chat as well. Most of John's choices are not of recent vintage, but that's OK as it's good to have a nice warm nostalgia feel to your favourite songs.

Jocky is waiting for you to click...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 1 Tracklisting -

1. Codeine - Pea
2. Lois - Wet Eyes
3. Red Emma - Candle
4. Minor Threat - Out Of Step (With The World)
5. Idaho - Alive Again
6. Joni Mitchell - Little Green
7. Azalia Snail - St. Nowhere
8. Nico - Frozen Warnings
9. Bitch Magnet - Sadie
10. Minutemen - Joe McCarthy's Ghost
11. Jawbox - Capillary Life
12. Joeyfat - Little Big Man

Part 2 Tracklisting -

1. Nick Drake - From The Morning
2. The Humblebums - Everybody Knows That
3. Headphones - Major Cities
4. New Bomb Turks - Summer Romance
5. Superchunk - European Medicine
6. Cap'n Jazz - Little League
7. East River Pipe - My Life Is Wrong
8. The Clientele - Spirit
9. Beat Happening - You Turn Me On
10. Versus - Be-9
11. Born Heller - No More Lamps In The Morning
12. Scrawl - 11.59 It's January

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