Monday, February 14, 2011

More News...

So yes, doing the podcasts every so often are fine and dandy but I realised that there was something missing from the site and that was to do more on the music blogging side. I really enjoyed interviewing bands and I think I miss doing that so I'm going to include more interviews on the site from now on. I already have a couple of irons in the fire and depending on how quickly people get back to me then these will hopefully appear on the site soon.

I'm less inclined to get back into reviewing music, I always found it a chore and quite difficult at times especially when I was up against a deadline to keep the review relevant to the time the LP was released or gig took place. To me, it was far less interesting than thinking up questions to ask people so I think it's fair to say that you won't be finding any reviews on here any time soon. I guess I'm more keen to promote bands by speaking to them and hearing what they have to say about their music and encouraging people to check them out for themselves in a more organic way (man!).

The majority of these will be conducted via email, to give me more time to formulate the questions and also to give the bands a bit of time to formulate their replies. I've been really lucky in the past to talk to people who thought about what I asked them and got back to me with equally thoughtful responses, but I'm not ruling out any face-to-face ones if the opportunity arises (with bands on tour and the like).

The podcasts will still appear, I know I said that they would be monthly but having spoken to John we both agree that we'll do them on an "as and when" type basis as opposed to a strict timetable. The next one will be up on the site hopefully by next weekend and I hope these augment the interviews (and vice versa) quite nicely.




Iain H. said...

Always enjoyed your plentycasts so far. More opinion and invective please :)

Chris H said...

Since you're here, any chance of a Part Chimp interview Iain?