Thursday, February 17, 2011

Plentycast #13

And so, as previously advertised, we come to the Quietcast, the Gentlecast, whatever you want to call it, the anti-Noisecast if you will. The brief was to come up with some quieter songs to play, the only snag was that we came up with 29 quieter songs to play! The quality was so high that we decided to go ahead and do two Quietcasts and just split the songs up instead of having to decide what to leave out.

So, this is #13a. I was feeling hyper still from the news that Superchunk are playing the Jeff Mangum-curated ATP in December so that may have been on my mind throughout the recording and I had a few brain lapses. Either that or I'm really, really old... I think it's the latter... Anyway, apologies for said brain lapses and mistakes. They're honest mistakes if nothing else and it makes it all the more real. Yes.

On you go...

Tracklisting -

1. Edith Frost - Temporary Loan
2. Damon & Naomi - Translucent Carriages
3. Josh T. Pearson - Woman, When I've Raised Hell
4. Debutant - Thirst
5. Low - Sea
6. Hamish Imlach - Cod Liver Oil And Orange Juice
7. King Creosote - So Forlorn
8. Neil Diamond - Lonely Looking Sky
9. Entertainment For The Braindead - A Smile
10. James Orr Complex - Looking Into Nature
11. Karen Dalton - Ribbon Bow
12. Nico - My Only Child
13. Bowerbirds - Teeth
14. Cat Power - Colors And The Kids

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